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About the Team


The Longleaf Film Festival team includes:

Sally Bloom

LFF team member Sally Bloom
Sally is a co-organizer for the Longleaf Film Festival and does many other cool things to make history come to life for folks. She helps people connect to both historic and contemporary filmmaking and is excited to see the films and the folk who will be coming for Longleaf to the festival. “Year One was fun, and Year Two will be . . . more fun!” she says. During her “spare” time, Sally writes and produces videos for the museum’s website and YouTube channel.

Jerry Taylor

LFF team member Jerry Taylor
Jerry is a co-organizer of the festival and is multimedia producer for the museum. He is the Clark Griswold of distance learning, the Hans Gruber of filmmaking, and the Egon Spengler of interactive programming. His brain is the Necronomicon of film, pulled from the tomb while misreciting the wise man’s words.

Stephen Evans

LFF team member Stephen EvansStephen has been an editor for publications and exhibits at the Museum of History (off and on) since 1992 and now edits exhibit labels, online text, and other materials, as well as information related to the Longleaf Film Festival. After hours, he runs a freelance editorial services business, where he actually enjoys analyzing scripts for continuity and logic.



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